We are only 2 weeks away from the beginning of the 2024 season of the Matchroom’s World Nineball Tour. It will start with the Premier League Pool being hosted for the first time in the United States at the US1 Billiards Pool Hall in West Haven, Connecticut. From March 18th to 25th, 16 of the world’s best pool players will compete there: Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, Jayson Shaw, Shane Van Boening, Joshua Filler, Fedor Gorst or Albin Ouschan, just to name a few.

Last December, the 30th anniversary Mosconi Cup ended an incredible 2023 Nineball season where 40 events had been organized all around the world with the elite of the world’s Nineball players. This 2024 season will offer even more greater events with more and more players at the Top of their game. All this is the result of a long-term commitment to professionalize and develop the sport at an international level.

When Matchroom started hosting, promoting and broadcasting pool 30 years ago, they already had the ambition to work with the best material to make our sport loved by the largest crowds. This is why since day one, Iwan Simonis, the World’s leading billiard cloth manufacturer, joined the adventure, followed quickly by Aramith, the World’s leading billiard ball manufacturer.

This partnership between Matchroom, Iwan Simonis and Aramith became increasingly visible as the year passed and as the World Tour developed. The now famous cloth and balls specially made for the Nineball Tour set the stage of all these incredible events taking place all around the world: The Aramith Tournament Black ball set on the Shark Grey Simonis 860 cloth provide these elite players with the ultimate equipment for the most accurate play.

At the dawn of a new 2024 season with more events, more players and a fan base which keeps growing all around the world, Iwan Simonis and Aramith are proud to remain more than ever the historic Official Cloth and Balls Suppliers to the World Nineball Tour.

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