Billiard is for sure one of the most beautiful sport in the world. And within the billiard family, 3-cushion is probably the most elitist one. The skills it requires. The energy, the constant focus. One cannot imagine the difficulty of this sport.
Like any other sports, 3-cushion has its legends. The 5-time World Champion Therèse Klompenhouwer is one of them. And today, on the men side, Dick Jaspers is still at the age of 58 at the pinnacle of his art.

On December 9th, the Dutch Champion won the 2nd 3-CUSHION World Cup of the season in Sharm El Sheikh, less than 2 months after winning the World Cup in Veghel in the Netherlands. Thanks to these outstanding performances, Dick wins the Overall World Cup 2023, the 8th one of his career!

In the world of sports, how long do we usually see athletes perform? How long do we see them at the Top of their art? In that regard, Dick Jaspers is a legend. Not only he will be in the Carom History book but he is also making History in the world of athletes.

His 1st World Cup title was claimed in Tokyo in 1991. 32 years later, Dick has just won his 29th World Cup! He has been Number One on the World ranking for the last 4 years and a half. Even though he briefly lost the 1st position last summer, he will be once again Number One in January for the beginning of the 2024 season.

It is truly a honour for Iwan Simonis to have such great players as ambassadors. They are not only the best in what they do. They are also the best promotion for their sport and for billiard in general. Thanks to them, new generations around the world are following their footsteps, aspiring to become the next great champions of this magnificient sport.

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