Every roll of original IWAN SIMONIS cloth has 3 different markings which guarantee the authenticity of the product:
Next to the selvedge/side of the cloth there is alternatively every approx. 60 cm :

1. the IWAN SIMONIS well known signature logo

2. the IWAN SIMONIS name in block letters with the product name.

3. There is also printed in the middle of the width of every meter of cloth a mark showing IWAN SIMONIS name in block letters followed by the serial number of the roll (ID number) : this indelibly U.V. marking is only visible in black light (U.V.light).

If you have any doubt on the origine of the cloth that you have, please contact us on the following address : info@iwansimonis.com

A selection of the finest worsted yarns gives Iwan Simonis cloths a perfectly flat and extremely precise surface. It also means that the cloth is more durable, and does not pill or fluff. The surface of the cloth keeps it’s rolling qualities during the longest time without any specialized maintenance. You only have to brush it once in a while to remove dust and chalk residues.

Simonis 300 Rapide is more controllable on the bed than synthetic cloth, perfect for games in which precision is a must. Simonis 300 Rapide gives the player maximum control over the game and the highest speed. While it’s a very thin cloth, the Simonis 300 Rapide bed cloth is thicker with a higher density than synthetic cloth, creating a quieter table that accumulates less chalk dirt.

Heating isn’t just necessary for Simonis 300 Rapide, it’s necessary for all brands of carom cloth because the slate also absorbs humidity. Heating Simonis 300 Rapide on a low setting is no problem, as long as Aramith billiard balls and high quality rubber cushions are used. Heating also adds comfort for players, who are after all in continuous contact with the table. A cold table feels unpleasant. Not only that an unheated table has the disadvantage of being noisier and less manageable.

The Simonis PreciShot ® cushion cloth offers a new playing experience with constant rebound and persistant spin retention.
The accuracy, speed, burn mark resistance and silence of the Simonis 300 Rapide on the slate and the PreciShot® on the cushions is the best possible combination to enjoy the game of carom and to reach the best performance for the longer time.

Please refer to: Pool colours or Carom colours

The smoothest and most regular side is the playing surface (the right side), which is perfectly flat and gives the best ball roll and the best ball control. You can also recognise the right side of the cloth by the Iwan Simonis logo and the cloth number printed on the sides.