WSP Textiles, which is part of the Iwan Simonis Group, is the English pool cloth world leader with the brand Strachan. 

Strachan 861

The Strachan 861 is a non-directional worsted (speed) cloth to assure constant speed in all directions. It has a smooth, precise surface which has been specially developed by Simonis in Belgium for the IPA professional tournaments.
861 is known for its durability and speed but also needs no ironing. The Strachan 861 Cloth gives you a flat, flawless playing surface. Available in powder blue.

  • 90% wool/10% nylon
  • Available in 165 cm (65″)

The Strachan range of English pool woollen cloths

are all made in England using 100% Pure New Wool.


  • 400g/m²
  • 162cm (64″)
  • The ultimate English pool cloth. Strachan Superfine with Antikick™ technology gives you professional levels of speed, consistency and control.

6811 Tournament

  • 475g/m²
  • 219cm (86″) & 162cm (64″)
  • Tournament quality, fast and accurate.
  • Treated with SpillGuard™ to protect against stains and spills.

6811 Pool

  • 430g/m²
  • 219cm (86″)
  • Premium grade, fast, league quality pool cloth. Good control and response.
  • Treated with SpillGuard™ to protect against stains and spills.

777 Pool

  • 430g/m²
  • 216cm (86″)
  • High quality, affordable, napped pool cloth. Great balance of speed, durability and all round performance.